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Germany won Brazil 2014. But what other individual awards have been given out during the tournament? The filters are now set to show the Golden Ball winner, the famous Lionel Messi. Play with the filters below to visualize the winners of other awards, or show the prizes won by a specific team, players occupying a specific position on the field, and much more.

Position occupied by winners of "Man of the Match" Award Winners

Nationality and Club

The following five teams have five or more players that aren't born in the country they played for during Brazil 2014. Click "Explore" to see how all the teams compare.

About 35% of all the players selected to participate in the national squads weren't playing for a club based in their country during the previous football season. Use the drop-down filer to see how this percentage changes for the different Brazil 2014 competing teams

Looking closer, many of the players participating this year had been playing for either Munich, Manchester, Chelsea and Barcelona.

On a country scale, about half of the 736 players had been playing for clubs based in England, Italy, Germany, Spain and France. Ironically, with the exception of the winning Germany and France, the other three countries all didn't make it past the group stage. Use the filter to see how the distribution changes for specific national teams.


Among this year's players the majority almost 65% prefer using the right foot, and 12% have no preference. If we look at the top goleadores this difference seems to disappear: out the nine players who scored more than nine goals, four are left-footed and two use both feet interchangeably.  

Four players also scored own goals, an unlucky occurrence that striked happened to both the debuting team (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and to much more experienced hosting team.

Disciplinary record

After the 2006 edition and ZIdane's "head-collusion" with Materazzi, this year Italy was at the center of another notorious episode, the bite by Suárez - which consted him suspension from all the remaining matches of the tournament. Apart from him, other 18 players got suspended for at least one game - although for some the World Cup adventure ended before the suspensions could be officially announced.

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