2014 - The Teams


This year FIFA allocated 53 spots for UEFA teams, 30 for South America, 17 for Africa, 16 for North America and 12 for Asia. Use the filters to see how these confederations survived through the different phases of the tournament. 

Winners, losers and everything in between

While Germany is the clear winner of this world cup, it might be interesting to look also at other metrics. For example, Argentina was competing for second place, but it actually had a lower average of points per game than the Netherlands, Colombia and Belgium.

Brazil was running for third place, despite having won less matches than Colombia and Belgium, who were stopped at the quarter-finals. 

A look at the difference between goals scored and goals received, reveals again how getting balls in the net isn't a guarantee of passing through the tournament. The finalist Argentina had a lower GD not only compared to the Netherlands (3rd), but also than France and Colombia - whose World Cup adventure stopped earlier. You can filter the chart for a specific phase of the tournament, to zoom in on the GD of the teams who participated in it.

Disciplinary Records

The number of yellow cards per game played reveals that Costa Rica, Honduras and Ivory Coast players were the most aggressive. A surprise comes from Greece. Interestingly, despite UEFA had the most teams in the tournament, Greece is the only UEFA team with 2 or more yellow cards on average per match.

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