A. Mehmedi (2014)

NicknameA. Mehmedi
First NameAdmir
Last NameMehmedi
National Team (2014)Switzerland (2014)
Goals (World Cup 2014)1
Assists (World Cup 2014)0
Penality Goals (World Cup 2014)0
Own Goals (World Cup 2014)0
Red Cards0
Yellow Cards0
Suspended For Matches0
Age (2014)23
Height (cm)183
Weight (kg)77
Club (2014)SC Freiburg
Country of Club (2014)Germany
City of BirthGostivar
Date of Birth16/3/1991
Year of Birth1991
Country of BirthFYR Macedonia
Playing for National Team of Country of Birth?no
Playing for Club of Country of Birth?no

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